Client Testimonials

Griffon Systems has many clients represented in a broad range of businesses, including customers in industrial, hospitality, healthcare and educational sectors. The firm is dedicated to providing innovative surveillance solutions. Here is what some of the firm"s clients have to say about working with Griffon Systems:

"As metal scrap prices rose to record levels so did theft attempts of scrap product. With recycling facilities throughout the U.S. and as all other metal recycling industries we had experienced our share of theft attempts until installing security surveillance systems by Griffon Systems. Each of these systems allow 24-hour monitoring, recording and actual time reviewing capabilities from both, the facility and any remote location. Griffon Systems was selected over several other systems after conducting reviews and interviews of Griffon Systems then current customers. Each customer had positive remarks not only on the software and hardware but on Griffon System's support and service...which to me is the selling point of any product. The installation of these systems have not only deterred theft attempts, but are currently being used to monitor safety and quality actions of everyday operations. Since the initial installation Griffon Systems has always responded promptly and provided expedited service to correcting each and every issue that has occurred (note: the number of issues have been minimal over three years of service).

To put into word the best description of Griffon Systems would be "Customer Satisfaction."

-National Metal Recycler

"We have many areas of our metal recycling plant that we need to view for operational purposes yet its not feasible to have a clear view without a camera system.

We had interviewed many of the larger national companies and they just didn"t get our needs and tried to oversell us. We actually didn"t move forward with the project for over a year because we, along with these larger companies couldn"t get our arms around the project. Whereas Paul with Griffon Systems understood our needs, was easy to work with to develop a system that covered our needs in the most cost effective way possible.

As soon as Griffon Systems came in we had an amazing system in place that has exceeded our expectations. Service has been phenomenal.. we have recommended Griffon Systems to several other facilities and they have all been extremely happy as well.

We have cameras monitoring areas that need constant monitoring and there is no way for a person to be in each of these areas. Thus it's done amazing things for decreasing downtime of our plant and increasing customer service as we can see if any trucks needs unloading immediately."

Adam Labkon, President
-General Iron Industries

"We chose to work with Griffon systems because of the firm's qualifications and good response time. We are very satisifed with the work Griffon Systems has done for us."

-Doubletree Hotel, Chicago O'Hare


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