New 6 and 12MP Avigilon Fisheye Camera

By Paul Grefenstette - August 31, 2016

Call Griffon Systems for a demo 630-607-0346

New H4 Shipping - 5MP H4 9-22mm bullet image

By Paul Greffenstette - March 4, 2016

Upgraded lens on new h4 bullets, excellent image resolution over the entire focal length - video analytic alerts based on people or vehicle identification

Call us for a demo - 630-607-0346

Avigilon's H4 cameras shipping later this month

By Paul Grefenstette - February 2, 2016

Avigilon 7K camera (30MP)

By Paul Greffenstette - January 27, 2016



4K (8 MP), 4.5K (12 MP), 5K (16 MP), 6K (24 MP) and 7K (30 MP) resolutions

Capture high-quality, detailed images over wide areas, while providing maximum coverage options.

Self-learning Analytics

Instantly detect and learn the surrounding scene upon initial set-up, adapting to changes without manual calibration (4K, 4.5K and 5K only).


Avigilon New 12MP 360/180 Camera - Contact us for a demo

HD Multisensor Camera Demo

By Paul Grefenstette - April 29, 2015